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Gabriella (better known as G) is an illustrator from Florida who paints, writes, designs, and makes a mean cocktail. 

She also loves experimenting in stop-motion animation, wearing stripes, Wes Anderson films, and ballpark hotdogs. 

Most of my inspiration comes from travel; looking at a window and wondering who dwells inside, the way plants climb and thrive on a balcony, and the beautiful colors of shutters or doors and the buildings on which they live. I want to make the viewer feel as if they just missed a person walk out of frame, or bubbles are just about to escape a fish’s mouth if they keep looking.


I paint to make the viewer feel an innocent, nostalgic feeling of wonder; they are viewing and savoring a quiet, intimate, yet fleeting moment and a snapshot of a much larger story that they have to imagine.


I use many flat layers, crisp lines, and fine details to convey the space and occasionally use non-traditional materials to add another layer of interest.


ggsunyak@gmail.comNaples, Florida

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