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Djed Clothing Co.

Djed Clothing Co. is my own brainchild, designed to give women simple, yet statement-worthy clothes. Fun patterns, vintage shapes, and keeping as much of a hand-touched element as possible.  

The Djed Pillar is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that stands for stability and protection. Used most commonly as amulets wrapped with mummies and painted on coffins as a backbone, the Djed Pillar is a strong and relevant symbol to the Egyptians when passing into the afterlife. To me, it is also a symbol of hope in a new start, which is why I have chosen it to represent my brand.  

The logo is my own handwriting; a theme in most branding I produce. The anchor color is reminiscent of Egyptian Blue; a highly valued color in the ancient world and a staple of Egyptian history. 

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